C051 Citrasel 15LT


15lt – Citrasel – citrus based beaded jell hand cleaner

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Product Description

description Formulated from natural citrus oils and biodegradable emulsifiers to be environmently friendly. Polyethylene beads for thorough yet gentle cleaning action. Contains no harsh chemicals – formulated to be kind to the skin. Easy to use: Easy to apply: Easy to rinse off. The easy way to really clean hands. Completely free from petroleum solvents.
application Citrasel is suitable for use in all engineering shops, vehicle repairers, factories etc wherever hands are soiled with industrial grime and grease.
directions Apply a small quantity of Citrasel directly to the hands. Rub well in paying special attention to areas of ingrained grime and under nails etc. Rinse off well with clean water and dry hands thoroughly. N.B. Regular use of K23 Aerosol Barrier Cream or M105 Barrier Cream before starting work will protect hands from the harmful additives in modern oils and greases and make their removal easier.