F003 Selclen 5LT x 4


5lt – Selclen – hard surface cleaner

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Product Description

Description Ideal for mopping or scrubbing machine use. Removes soilage, stains and rubber heel marks from all synthetic floors. Effective maintenance cleaner for all metallised polishes. Controlled foam helps prevent over usage.
application For cleaning floors in offices, schools, hospitals, canteens etc. Suitable for use on linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed wood, sealed cork and thermoplastic floors. Selclen is also an excellent wall and hard surface cleaner. N.B. Not recommended for terrazzo or unsealed wood and cork.
directions For general cleaning dilute Selclen 1 part to 40 parts hot water. For damp mopping dilute Selclen 1 part to 80 parts warm or cold water.