K374 Vanilla Blast Air Freshener 750ML x 6


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Product Description

description High power vanilla air freshener Powerful, effective odour neutralising air freshener with a vanilla perfume.
Delivers concentrated blast! of odour neutralising fragrance – ideal for pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, retail premises, offices, trains, buses, coaches, cars, warehouses and any anywhere in need of a Blast! of freshness.
application Blast! has been developed to deliver the ultimate in high-discharge odour neutralising power. The advanced dry formulation permits use as a fabric freshener as well as a conventional air freshener.
directions To revitalise and refresh a room, simply hold the can at arms length with the nozzle facing away from the user. Aim towards the centre of the room and depress actuator. Avoid spraying onto naked flames, incandescent material, people or pets. The resulting blast! delivers a fresh, long-lasting burst of fragrance.